Year End Tax Info Request

EIN# 87-0743176

We reserve the right to change our fees anytime within the school year to cover any Federal and/or state imposed costs which cause an increase in our operation costs. Fee increases will be computed to cover ONLY the actual increase caused by mandated expenses. 


If you have special requirements, we may be able to establish a special contract to meet those needs.  Please see the Director to determine if we can accommodate your needs and to determine the approprioate fee. Because of our class schedules, we will not enroll any child for a portion of the next class period. 


One schedule change per school year will be permitted without charge.  Subsequent schedule changes, (space permitting), will be charge $30 for each change.  


Contracts for various schedules will provide complete financial and attendance details.  

Review your contact in detail prior to making a commitment.

After the intial 30 day trail period, a thirty day advance WRITTEN notice of

change or withdrawl is REQUIRED.


A copy of the contract will be provided to the client.  Fees are based upon maximum

use of available time and space.  Staffing is based upon enrolled children.


The center guarantees that adequate staff will be available to provide service for

enrolled children, whether or not the child is present.


Clients will be allowed to use any vacant slots for extra care during regular preschool

times, but prior approval from the office and classroom teacher is required. There is a

10 minute pick-up and drop-off grace period before you will be charged

EXTRA CHILD CARE.  This service is billed at $8 per hour.


DEL License # 294379

Other Important Contract Information

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