Elementary and Full Time Kindergarten Fee Schedule


Elementary/FT Kindergarten Fees


First time Registration Fee: $80 (one child) $120 for 2+ children *$10 Included for emergency care kits

Re-Registration Fee: $50 (one child) $70 for 2+ children

School Only

180 School Days 9:00am - 4 pm


Annual tuition is $4,900 


Payment Options:                                                                                                       

1 Payment in Full                     ................ $4,600 ($300 discount if paid in full by August 28th) 

8 Payments- September- April   ...............  $620               

10 Payments- September- June ...............  $505


** Withdrawls/transfer before the end of the school year- Tuition will be due and payable on a pro-rated basis of days attended

** Fees include all published field trips during the year

** Additional hours are billed at $8 per hour. There is a 10 minute grace period allowed for drop off/pick up each day

Fees paid by the 5th calendar day will be discounted only when the entire balance due is paid. Fees paid after the 10th of the month will have a late fee added.  Fees for extra time or child care will be billed on the following month's invoice.  A 1% per month interest charge will be added for all accounts overdue for 30 days. 


We now are accepting credit cards although please beware there will be a 2.5% fee for each credit card transaction. 



Full Time Students (school hours plus before/aftercare) 

Full time means beforecare/school/aftercare up to 9.5 hrs. This includes childcare only days, such as certain holidays and spring break as detailed in the yearly calendar.                                                                                                                                


Tuition per month ................. $705 (if paid on time)                  


**We reserve the right to change our fees anytime within the school year to cover any Federal and/or state imposed costs which cause an increase in our operation costs. Fee increases will be computed to cover ONLY the actual increase caused by mandated expenses. 








Kari Sanders, Director 



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