Take a Look Into Our Classrooms

There are 5 main areas of a Montessori classroom, each with a specific focus and purpose.

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Practial life

The Practical Life area of the classroom focus on skills that are used in everyday life. It also works to help refine fine motor skills. This could include but is not limited to things such as puzzles, pouring, and tying shoes.

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The math area of the classroom gives the children a chance to manipulate the material and gain a very hands-on, concrete understanding of math concepts.

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The focus of the Sensorial area of the classroom is to help the children to learn to notice details, such as, size, shape, shades, textures, etc. This is also done with hands-on material.

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The focus of this area of the classroom is to build vocabulary. This is done through multiple types of material to teach, sounds, letters, and other skills necessary to read, write, and communicate clearly with others.

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In our classrooms, this is not a set area. You can find this throughout the classroom, including different art the children might be working on and looking at, as well as, the music that we are singing and listening to.

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Outside Play

While not an area of the classroom, another important aspect is outside play. Giving children time to play with others, use their large-motor skills and imagination in our large playground and outside space.